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sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012

Toxic Bish

Toxic Bish Black Rawr Mini Dress
Mini Dress Toxic Bish Black Rawr Lucky Board
Neclace Green Lolapop Lasaki Group Gift
Skin .::Mother Goose's::.Telcy III-Lucky board
Hair Rosy Mood Free for limited time

Lucky Board

Toxic Bish OMG Dress lucky board 1
Hair  Myosotis  Free Here
Skin .::Mother Goose's::. Natalie-1L$
Dress Toxic Bish Omg Gift Lucky Board
Socks Ame St2 free Here :  Marketplace
Tattoo (flaunt) Kawaii Kitty 1L$
Boot ::LC::  AMEN Distress  Group Gift

quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2012


seldom blue lingeri 1l
seldom blue lingeri 1lin
Lingeri Elizabeth - Xmas Offer ! ( Seldom Blue ) 1L$ 
Skin .::Mother Goose's::. NU Gift Lucky Board
Eyes_gray Electric MARIKO 50L$

Bubblez Design

BB - Angelic Dress
BB - Angelic Dress1
Bubblez Design New Release: BB - Angelic Dress

Comes with:
5 sizing mesh dress
Pearl necklace
Pearl head circlet

Skin .::Mother Goose's::. sasha-II(1L)
Hair Pink *: Lo*momo :* Group Gift

Bubblez Design

BB - Yoko Doll Dress (mesh)
Bubblez Design - Yoko Doll Dress (mesh) 

(Comes with mesh dress and mesh hat non-rigged .)

sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2012

Love Cats

Skin  MY UGLYDOROTHY -Special 1L
Hair  Lo*momo  Group Gift Nov,2012
Outfit SPANKIES Sassy Cats Leotard Free  Marketplace
Bag [Mad Echo] - White Neko Clutch 50L$  Marketplace
Boots Divalicius not free

domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

Bubblez Design

BB - Ari Outfit (mesh)new2
BB - Ari Outfit (mesh)new
Bubblez Design - - Ari Outfit
- Mesh sweater and pleated skirt
- Mesh + sculpted bag non rigged (2 colors)
- Sculpted Shoes
- Socks
- Hairband and pencil
 Here  TP :  Bubblez Design -

Skin HappyEidAdha *JeSyLiLO*Group Gift
Chuchu lips_chu Mariko 50L$
Hair TRUTH Poppy - Mocha not free 

BB - Ari Outfit (mesh)new1

domingo, 11 de novembro de 2012

Ricielli Hunt

Dolo - French Coffee  hair
outfit Ricielli hunt
Hair Dolo - French Coffee { Rumina } 1L$  Xstreet Marketplace
Peplum jacket blue  {Ricielli } Mesh - 15L$ CHARMING hunt item#1
Drapped Skirt blue { Ricielli } Mesh - 15L$ CHARMING hunt item#3
Bag Blue Leather YC 1L$ Xstreet Marketplace
Shoes  Indyra Originals not free

Hair [e] Locked - Rich Browns not free
Skin  genesis creations -Autumn  Free oL$ 3 skin tones - 4 brow colors - 2 cleavage options
Jacket Tartan Poison   Group Gift 0L$
Shirt I am poison Poison   Free 0L$
Skirt in Black Paperbag Halle MaxiPaperbag  155L$

sábado, 3 de novembro de 2012

Bubblez Design ( Lucky Board )

BB - Rainie Dot Gown (lucky board )
Skin *JeSyLiLO* Group Gift HappyEidAdha
Hair Yurei :esk-imo: Halloween Group Gift

BB - Rainie Dot Gown (lucky board gift)

Bubblez Design new group lucky board gift.
BB - Rainie Dot Gown

sexta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2012


Lingeri de couro Seldom Blue  Dominatrix  Hunt - NOVEMBER 1ST - NOVEMBER 30TH 2012


Hair *Eaters * Coma - Group Gift
Necklace Gold *Milady's* -Sparkle-  Free
Skin LightS* JeSyLiLO* Black Friday  50L$
Electric eyes_gray MARIKO

segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2012

Bubblez Design

BB - Gothica Maid Doll Outfit1 BB - Gothica Maid Doll Outfit2 Bubblez Design - Gothica Maid Doll outfit (New Release - partial mesh)

Full outfit included:

  • Mesh dress
  • Sculpted collar with tie
  • Gothic Sculpted apron with salt + pepper shaker + bread
  • Egg & Ham bread on mouth
  • Gothic Black rose eye patch
  • Gloves and stockings
  • Sculpted doll shoes
  • Sculpted hair ribbon
TP  : Bubblez Design 

domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012

::Fierce Designs Costumes::

Fierce Gothic Witch black  (Sexy witch costume)

Fierce Gothic Witch black  (Sexy witch costume)3
Outfit Fierce**Gothic(Sexy witch costume) New Release
( Incluids animated hover broom + Goth boots )

Fierce Gothic Witch black  (Sexy witch costume)2

Bubblez Design Outfit (75L limited promotion)

BB -11 Chyna Outfit (mesh) 75L promotion until 22-Oct
BB 1- Chyna Outfit (mesh) 75L promotion until 22-Oct
Hair ::Hinako:: ENA -B Auburn not free
Bubblez Design BB - Chyna Outfit

Comes with mesh dress, mesh fan typing ao, handkerchief and mesh shoes.
Limited time promotion for 75L until 22-Oct-2012 (promotion available in world only).
Marketplace product will be on full price.

sábado, 20 de outubro de 2012

Halloween Gifts

dress 1-AZUL- GroupGift201210 Hair Magika  Halloween Group Gift 0L$
Skin Light *JeSyLiLO* BlackFriday 50L$
Dress -AZUL- Group Gift 0L$
Shoes { SeVered GarDeN } Halloween Group gift 0L$
Makeup EyeLiner in Orange : vive nine :.
dress -AZUL- GroupGift201210

Bubblez Design

BB - Milo de Lune Full outfit (new release)
BB - Milo de Lune Full outfit (new release)1
Skin  My Uglydorothy -2012 October Group gift

Bubblez Design New Release ~ Milo de Lune

Full outfit consists of:
- Top, shorts, legwarmer, handwarmer (rigged mesh) 5 sizing
- Boots (non-rigged mesh can resize)
- Cap (non-rigged mesh can resize)
- Sculpted pipe, moustache (can resize)
- Sculpted necklace (can resize)
- Full outfit alpha and separate alphas included

quarta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2012


dress long group gift
:V.e. Long Zebra Print Dress FaMESHED Group Gift
Denim Vest Light [[>CaKe!<]]  Group Gift Womens.September-Mesh
Shoes tesla not free

segunda-feira, 8 de outubro de 2012

::Fierce Designs Costumes::

Fierce Happy Halloween Dress

Fierce **Happy Halloween Dress** Mesh New 
Hair  >TRUTH  < Poppy - chocolate 250L$
Fierce Boo dress
Fierce **Boo dress ** New 
Tattoo [Sleepy Bozer] - Love Kills Slowly  300L$
DeliciOus Tongue   FashiOn* subscriber gift
Multi Necklace ~Pepper~ 5OL$

Fierce bikini
Fierce Trick or treat bikini, socks 2012 edition! New
Fierce  Spooky Bikini New

terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2012

Bubblez Design

Bubblez Design new release - Lolita Vampiress outfit2
Bubblez Design new release - Lolita Vampiress outfitnew
Bubblez Design new release - Lolita Vampiress outfit
(Colar , Dress , Gloves )

Hair [e] Locked - Rich Browns Sale 75L$
Skin Mariko not free
Shoes [LI] Red Heart Emitting Pumps
Bubblez Design new release - Lolita Vampiress outfit1

domingo, 23 de setembro de 2012


PopTart  Summer Fun Outfit2
PopTart  Summer Fun Outfit1
Skin Mariko SULLI_ 0L$ Lucky Board 
Necklace Undefined lilies - 0L$ freebie 
Summer Fun Outfit {PopTart} 0l$ Group Gift 
Watermelon 1/8 slices dish +9 -0L$ freebie
 Shoes Ingenue :: Dianthus :: Blush 


lingeri hunt cat, panda free
Lingeri Gray Shabby Cat Panty Raid Hunt # 8
Panda-afk GG   D- Lab 0L$  Group Gift
Pose +9 - Should surely you come 0L$ Freebie
Hair D!va Group Gift

sábado, 22 de setembro de 2012

Urban Noir

LoQ Hair  Cobbler For Gold Members
Skin Lynn_Pack05 Mirako 400L$ 
Hair "LoQ Hair" Cobbler For Gold Members Group
Alargador _ Ear Guages MULHOLLAND  0L$ Freebie
Rebel Bandages - MULHOLLAND - (HUNT  ITEM)
Chocolate/Curly wurly  .:Ducknipple:. 0L$ Freebie 
Mesh Cargo Shorts - Blue 95L$ .:Ducknipple:.
Socks purple Emery 0L$ Group Gift 
Sweater Reno Emery 0L$ Group Gift

sexta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2012

Bubblez Design

BB - Junie Outfit (mesh)1
Hair Mesh Wasabi Pills/ Dominique 250L$
Skin REIRA_  MARIKO Lucky Board
Eyes_brown  MARIKO 50L$
BB - Junie Outfit (mesh) 199L
 Bubblez Design New Release - Junie Mesh Outfit 

Bag ~Pepper~ Gone Clubbing Group Gift
Socks basic  color -white .::Mother Goose's::. 1L$
Shoes ::Maschienenwerk:: LowTop pink free 
BB - Junie Outfit (mesh)

sábado, 8 de setembro de 2012

Bubblez Design

BB - Kazumi Mesh Dress
BB - Kazumi Mesh Dress new
Bubblez Design New Release - Kazumi Dress (mesh) 

Skin HappyEid *JeSyLiLO* 0L$ Group Gift
Electric eyes_gray < Mariko >  60L$
Hair Hunt SHH 65 - * Alice Project * Kiera - Infinity
Socks basic  color -red .::Mother Goose's::. 1L$
Shoes tulip. Reflection 0L$ Group Gift 
Multi Necklace ~Pepper~ 

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